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Interview with Stylenotes

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 Read the Interview here:

Read the Interview here:

Thanks Stylenotes for this interview. Long story short is: As long as what you do fulfills a purpose or your soul, you're doing it right. That's why i'm still diiiggggging.

Photos by Nadine Kägi
Text by Eva Hediger

Make Up by Stavrula Apostolidou 
Hair by Salon Du Lapin Blanc


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My first little sneak peak of what's expecting you at our 2 years anniversary sale at Longstreet Bar. Yerp, we have something exclusive for you that you shouldn't miss on may, 28th 2016! You are cordially invited to our anniversary sale. A special event dedicated to rare vintage garments and sports apparel of high quality from the 90's til now. If you understand quality and how to build up a wardrobe, better don’t miss this opportunity. If you don’t care what we’re talking about, just come join us for a shish kebab or drink.

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Let me just give you one little sneak peak of some unique pieces of the spring selection 2016! The whole spring selection is not  online yet - but available at the 2nd home sale on april, 30th 2016 from 14:00-19:00 at Birmensdorferstrasse 407, 8055 Zurich. See you there! 

VAN LO Home Sale Pt. 1

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Thanks to everyone that came out last weekend to a truly unforgettable first VAN LO Home Sale at My Van's crib. Hope y'all had fun chillin with the crew and discovering the details that set this place apart from your usual street boutique. Stay posted for the next home sale with the newest spring gear! One love.

90s Baby

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Here's a quick iphone edit of the new collection. Enjoy! A big THANK YOU for taking the time out to Michèle, Sarafina and Andrea. 
Songcredit: The Black Opera ft. Magestik Legend, Jamall Bufford, Ro Spit & Scrolla - 90z Baby


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I met both ladies about 5 years ago in a small town called Biel. It touches me so much to see them both gettin better in what they do and love the most. The lovely and talented Michèle became this incredible dancer that's killing London with her skillz and the one and only humble Nora focuses on photography ever since and does what she knows best. I know that the freestyle shooting we just recently wrapped up is living proof for great teamwork. Ladies, i'm very greatful and feel honored to be working with y'all. One love.

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Some of you might ask yourself, where and how i scout all these models to match this special vibe of VAN LO. Well, all these so called "models" happened to be talents, artists or unique human beings in their own ways who just like me believe in the bigger picture. Beautiful souls with the intentions to create something from the hearts. NO AGENCY! NO BOOKING FEE'S! NO DIVA-FUCKERY! NO EXTRA BULLSHIT!

I just want to dedicate this very special 'thank you' note to all my friends, who always take their time to stand in front AND behind of all these lenses, change clothes a million times and still look authentic and flawless. I can't think of nobody else, who could represent my brand like you do and i'm very grateful to have you as a huge part of my vision.

Let's stay creative and feed of each others positive energy!
Love, My Van