Van Lo



I always had a passion for dope and timeless rarities. Back in high school I would have vinyls and sneakers on my radar, which transformed to clothes & shoes over the years. While other kids would go shopping twice a week, I would rather save up my money for two months and order the freshest gear on the internet. I wouldn't even pay no mind what the coolest kid would wear, because my policy was: "If everyone can grab it, I don't really want it!"

It's been a decade ever since and I'm still digging like it is my first day. I guess it's just a inner urge, that needs to be satisfied on a regular basis. My friends would always encourage me to make my hobby into something more serious. Something that could flourish into a source, where everyone could profit from. Honestly, it was a matter of time to make this happen and since I studied my craft very well ...

Welcome to VAN LO, your flyest online source that specializes in rare vintage garments and sports apparel from the 90's til now - carefully selected by yours truly.

Love, My Van